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April 25, 2012


Brennan Became the sweetest angel this morning @ 5:15, with mom and dad, sister, aunt,uncle and grandfather by his side. Our life will never be the same. We love you so much little Brennan

Saturday April 28 2012


I never expected this day to come. The day we have to say our final good bye to Brennan. It wasn't supposed to be this way. Today will be a hard day for me, I can only imagine how Blake and Cindy feel. We will all miss you Brennan. But we will never forget.  

Brennan’s service will be private for family and a few friends.

By: Matthew McCowen

(Brennan’s 12 yr.old uncle)

As the soul departed young Brennan's dying heart the sky opened for him and down came the Angel’s singing in harmony. As they flew down to take him away to heaven. Just after he past I was informed he had gone away but yet I still felt as if he was sitting next to me biting my arm like the zombie he would pretend to be. And as I looked over he smiled and laughed as he flew away and left us down alone and sad wondering how he's doing with God, past family members, and the Angel’s calling to him from above. I loved him so much. We all did.

The song playing “I have a photo of you”was written and performed by Katelyn, Brennan’s big sister.

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