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March 9, 2012

March 13, 2012

Brennan is home! He’s doing well  Always so happy to be home.  Brennan has scans next week then Thursday or Friday back to TCH for next round of chemo.


Be sure to check our Brennan’s Buddies page.

They like all the kids really need all our prayers.

Brennan is back at Texas Children’s ER. Has a fever of 102. Chemo is supposed to start tomorrow. Let’s pray there is no delay and nothing to the fever.

March 14, 2012

Brennan did come home @ about 1am back to TCH today for chemo, but Chemo wont start today, and he’s going to have x-ray/possible ultrasound to find out why he’s throwing up so much more now. And depending what those show he may be seen by gastroenterologist. It’s a never ending problem. So much changing, good news, stable news, bad news. It’s been a roller coaster ride we want off of!

March 15, 2012

The lesion that picked up on last MIBG scan (looks for neuroblastoma) and they weren't sure then if it was true tumor, still shows now and apparently its active neuroblastoma. The other tumors on lung, left kidney and liver are the new cancer. So they say he most likely has 2 cancers right now. Neuroblastoma and this "not sure what it is" cancer.

The chemo he is on will treat neuroblastoma, but we don't know why after 2 high dose rounds its showing still. Which is scary. His kidney tumor shrank slightly, but not as much as we had hoped. Liver tumor appears stable in size if not slightly smaller.


March 15, 2012

Today waiting on Brennan to get his blood transfusion started. Being here since Thursday his Hemoglobin (caries oxygen through red blood cells) has been steadily dropping from almost 10 to now today 7.6. Not sure why over 3 weeks from last chemo he's dropping now. But I'm sure no one is concerned with it. Still waiting to hear from the Doctors/surgery team as far as their plan for Brennan, since we are no better with the bile vomiting. Which clearly means there's something going on with this tumor/stomach. He's also been switched to a continuous morphine pain pump for his pain. I'm hoping today brings us the answers we are looking for and some resolve for Brennan discomfort and vomiting.


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Something I’ve noticed in this fight with my grandson, Brennan. These kids are the toughest, bravest I have ever met. I’ve seen the warnings on the drugs that are pumped into their veins. Seen first hand the side effects. They take it all in stride. Hardly ever complaining. I wish I could have half the strength they do. They  are my HEROES!