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February 4, 2012

February 5, 2012

Brennan has been moved to ICU because of high heart rate, difficulty breathing and needing more observation than regular floor nurses can handle.. of course he's throwing up again. Not sure what will transpire being here now. He's also on oxygen now.

Chemo stopped for now. Keep praying for our little one

Not sure today is going to bring us good news.. Brennan’s vomiting has increased quite a bit, and now surgery team is going to come back and look at him.. I have a huge fear Brennan’s partial bowel obstruction is worse. =( the night hasn't been good to Brennan. Several x-rays, and an arm IV as well early this morning, on top of getting sick. =(

Brennan on his way to ct scan. Checking blockage again. Also there is a concern about the fluid in his lungs and threat of pneumonia when his counts drop from chemo.


February 5, 2012

Trying to get Brennan on clear liquids and going to try and start formula. NG tube going back in. We hope he can come home for a bit before his next round of chemo Next Thursday.

CT scan shows 3 small liver spots, most likely tumor too.. it wasn’t there before surgery, so its unsure if it just popped up in the 9 days waiting for diagnosis/chemo or if he's progressing thru chemo. I guess that'll be one more thing to pray for.. we can't have him not respond to this chemo!

So that makes abdominal tumor from left kidney, lung spot and 3 liver spots. =( and there's an abdominal abscess which is small but may need to be handled if it grows more.



February 6, 2012

Not much new today. He still has fever, heart rate still high. I did get to see him today. He was asleep when Me and his aunt Shanna got there, but he woke up and got a bit fussy. I sat next to him was holding his little hand and he looked at me and made the loudest zombie growl..If you don't know him we love to watch Walking Dead and other zombie movies. He always thought he was a zombie. He would come after you like he was going to eat you and growl. It made me so very happy to see him do that. Even when he must feel like crap he still tries to make you laugh. I love him and miss him being home.

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