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March 30, 2012

April 5, 2012

At clinic all day. Had to have blood and platelets. Counts are low but all is good when Brennan is home. I think another 2 weeks at home then round 4 of chemo. Keep our little guy in your prayers, and all the other little fighters. And don't forget prayers for the little angels and their families. RJ, Rachel we think about you everyday.

Well all had been quiet at home, until last night Brennan has been cranky and not a happy boy. Not sleeping, crying and throwing up a lot. Today was clinic day and they decided to keep them(don't know for how long yet) he’s dehydrated and possibly an ulcer. He also has some mouth sores from the chemo.

Easter Sunday will mark 1 year since his official diagnoses, and it seems his battle is far from over. so please send him some prayers.

April 9, 2012

This afternoon Brennan gets re scanned with  Ct/MRI then sometime soon MIBG to check the interpolations. His pain is very bad. We need some answers the scans may provide.


the 5mm lesion we found 2.5 weeks ago has grown and there is a second lesion on his brain. They have grown and has caused Brennan’s brain to bleed and cause pressure. Every one of his sarcoma tumors have grown. The kidney one, his liver and lung tumors. Brennan CANNOT continue chemo anymore because its too risky with his hemorrhage. This was not supposed to happen to my son. My heart is shattered. we have chosen to not place a drain because Brennan would be unable to move and his comfort would be compromised. ICU is not a place we want Brennan right now. He is comfortable and shows no signs of discomfort. Please pray for my love.

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April 8, 2012

His mouth sores since being here got worse. He ended up waking up Friday with at least 5 visible white sores near the tip of his tongue. He's on 3 different med's to help get rid of or treat his pain for his mouth.  He had to be switched from Morphine to Dilaudid to control his intense itching from the IV morphine. He seems constantly agitated. Although he's more awake now being switched from the morphine, he is in no mood to cuddle with his momma or look at any toys/gifts he's received. We're supposed to be admitted again Thursday for chemo.. I'm hoping and praying this last cycle isn't delayed a week like our previous one was. With his cancer being so aggressive, you fear just waiting 7 days from the normal 21 is just giving his tumors more time untreated, which can give them opportunity to grow.

Brennan’s scans were rushed because of the fears the Dr’s had.

Brennan’s scans showed what we feared. Brennan’s sarcoma has progressed through our chemo.  

April 9, 2012

Hospice is coming today to talk about plans when Brennan is home. Please pay that Cindy and Blake feel Gods hand over their hearts.

Brennan should be home by the weekend. I’m not sure if Cindy & Blake will want many visitors at first.  It’s a very sad time right now for everyone.

April 16, 2012

Brennan, Blake, Cindy and Kate should be home sometime today(Monday). I’m both happy and very  very sad at the same time. I cant wait to see Brennan but I don't want him to ever leave.