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This site is to tell the story of  our baby Brennan Scurlock’s fight with 2 forms of childhood cancer.

Our baby Brennan @ just 10 months old was admitted to Texas Children's ER Thursday night, March 31, 2011 for an unidentified infection and low blood count. Later we found out there was a large tumor coming from his left Kidney, reaching to his left lung and back toward his spine.

We found out his symptoms were because of a bleed from the vein system inside the tumor. He was diagnosed with stage IV High Risk Neuroblastoma. A very aggressive childhood cancer often resistant to chemotherapy.

On January  22nd 2012 we discovered Brennan had relapsed with a secondary cancer.  (Undifferentiated Sarcoma)

Monday April 9th exactly 1 year from Brennan’s first chemo treatment his scans showed much tumor progression and new lesions in his brain that was causing pressure and bleeds. Nothing more can be done for our baby. Brennan came home for

the last time April 17, 2012.

Brennan Became the sweetest Angel @ 5:15

April 25th 2012

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We will be releasing balloons on the evening May 26th for Brennan’s 6th Birthday. If you would like to do the same to honor Brennan, please send us the pictures.

Thank you all that supported us and Brennan in his fight.